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A Useful Guide to Assertiveness
Be more successful and save time by getting the outcomes you need. Let A Useful Guide to Assertiveness show you how!

A Useful Guide to Being Healthy in the Workplace
This Useful Guide looks at the 4 key areas which contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

A Useful Guide to Being Influential
In this Useful Guide you'll find five simple techniques you can use immediately to get your message across in ways that will make people sit up and take notice.

A Useful Guide to Business Cases
A Useful Guide to Business Cases will help you with presenting, securing and making good business decisions.

A Useful Guide to Career Development
This Useful Guide takes you through a logical path of assessing where you are now in terms of your career, developing ideas about where you really want to be in the future, and looking at ways to help you get there.

A Useful Guide to Create a New You
After working through this Useful Guide you will have a whole new perspective on yourself, which you can use as you move on with your life. Find out how small actions can make big differences to how you see yourself.

A Useful Guide to Delegating
This Useful Guide is for you if you would like to learn how to delegate effectively or if you know how to delegate effectively but you have difficulty "letting go".

A Useful Guide to De-Stress You
If you feel your life is getting out of control and is getting you down this Useful Guide could be just what you need.

A Useful Guide To Feedback
This Useful Guide will help the reader to determine when, and how, to give appropriate feedback.

A Useful Guide to Fraud Prevention
This Useful Guide has been written to help the elderly and retired who, as a group, present any easy target to fraudsters and doorstep scammers.

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At a Crossroads - New Managers
At a Crossroads - New Managers is a particularly useful exercise for people who have been promoted from within the team to become the manager and who are struggling to adapt to their new role.
In Stock!
LMS Content Package
This package contains 20 Self Study Modules and 9 Videos, all licensed for use in your Learning Management System. Available as a digital download with the added bonus of a usb stick backup. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £1,750.00.)
Stress Ball
Where would we be without Stress Balls. Great stress relievers and the perfect prop/toy to hand out in your training sessions. Our Stress Balls come in various colours and are dispatched randomly.
In Stock!
Fiddle Pack - 20 Piece
Every trainer knows that training props are great for aiding concentration and generating ideas. The 20 Piece Fiddle Pack is put together with this specifically in mind and comes in a 100% natural unbleached cotton drawstring rucksack.
In Stock!
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