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These Large Sand Timers come in a variety of different times. Ideal timers for training sessions but these Sand Timers can be used for any activity.

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Large Sand Timer - 10 Minutes
Large Sand Timer - 10 Minutes. This large 16cm high Sand Timer is perfect to use when you need to time participants during training games and activities.
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Large Sand Timer - 15 Minutes
Large Sand Timer - 15 Minutes. This Sand Timer is 16cm high and is ideal to use in your training sessions when playing games or timed activities. These longer Sand Timers have many uses, not just in the office but can also be used at home.
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Large Sand Timer - 2 Minutes
Large Sand Timer - 2 Minutes. This Sand Timer is 16cm high and can be used for a whole range of activities. Ideal in your training sessions to time participants when playing games or activities but also perfect for playing games at home too.
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Large Sand Timer - 30 Minutes
Large Sand Timer - 30 Minutes. These Sand Timers are 16cm high and are perfect for timing longer activities. Great to use in the training room for timing participants but equally usable at home too.
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Large Sand Timer - 5 Minutes
These sturdy hexagonal sand timers are a great way to give participants a visual representation of time during training sessions.
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These sturdy sand timers are ideal during training sessions especially time 
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