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MTL Teambuilders: A Set of Tasks
A Set of Tasks is a time management game for teams. Two teams are in competition to see if they can complete 10 tasks within a given time limit.

MTL Teambuilders: An Open and Closed Case
An Open and Closed Case is a game that tests both analytical and problem- solving skills.

MTL Teambuilders: Brainstorming
Brainstorming gives groups experience of using a variety of 5 different brainstorming techniques. This exercise is not only a good teambuilder, it also produces creative solutions to ongoing group or business problems.

MTL Teambuilders: Broken Squares
Broken Squares is an absorbing game with valuable learning points. Teams are required to put together 5 squares from 15 'broken' pieces.

MTL Teambuilders: Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure is the type of game that everyone loves. It involves teams looking for clues hidden aroung the training area that will lead them to the buried treasure.

MTL Teambuilders: Call My Bluff
Call My Bluff is based on the popular TV panel game in which teams take turns to define an unusual word with 4 different meanings and challenge the other team to pick the correct meaning.

MTL Teambuilders: Communication Cards
Communication Cards is an unusual but powerful game that has many layers of learning.

MTL Teambuilders: Concentration
Concentration is based on an old parlour game in which teams have to collect more pairs of cards than their opponents but there is a twist in this game.

MTL Teambuilders: Decision Time
Decision Time is the ultimate decision-making exercise. Using 5 different models, teams look at the same issue from 5 different prospectives and come to a decision.

MTL Teambuilders: Flying Eggs
Flying Eggs is a classic game in which teams have to design and build a device that will drop an egg from a 3rd storey building without smashing it.

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LMS Content Package
This package contains 20 Self Study Modules and 9 Videos, all licensed for use in your Learning Management System. Available as a digital download with the added bonus of a usb stick backup. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £1,750.00.)
Stress Ball
Where would we be without Stress Balls. Great stress relievers and the perfect prop/toy to hand out in your training sessions. Our Stress Balls come in various colours and are dispatched randomly.
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Fiddle Pack - 20 Piece
Every trainer knows that training props are great for aiding concentration and generating ideas. The 20 Piece Fiddle Pack is put together with this specifically in mind and comes in a 100% natural unbleached cotton drawstring rucksack.
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At a Crossroads - New Managers
At a Crossroads - New Managers is a particularly useful exercise for people who have been promoted from within the team to become the manager and who are struggling to adapt to their new role.
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MTL Teambuilders are a selection of teambuilding activities, chosen for their 
entertainment value and their learning points, these games come complete 
with step-by-step instructions, full printable worksheets, and background 
topic material.
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