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SCORM Compliant Self Study Guides that you can import direct to your own LMS. Don't have an LMS? These Self Study Guides are all available to view online at Managers' Library.

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Coaching Modes
This SCORM compliant Self Study Guide introduces four Modes of Coaching, allows you to explore the different behaviours of each and identify when is the most appropriate time to use them. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £80)

Dealing with Feedback Meant for a Team Member
This SCORM compliant Self Study Guide explores the challenges faced by managers when they receive feedback about a member of their team. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £60)

Delegating Effectively
This Self Study Guide explores why delegating tasks matters and the stages of delegation. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on current skill levels and develop a plan to delegate tasks in future. (Trainers' Library Member Price £80)

Empathy – Understanding Colleagues
This Self Study Guide provides tools and techniques that can help you to develop the skills required to be sensitive to other people’s needs and feelings, and to better understand a colleague’s perspective. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £80)

Employee Engagement 1 - What is it?
This SCORM compliant self study guide explores the biggest influences on personal levels of engagement and the areas which are likely to be having the biggest impact on our team’s engagement. (Trainers' Library Member Price £60)

Employee Engagement 2 - Job or Organisation
This SCORM compliant self study guide explores the importance of the desire to do a good job and have pride in the organisation you do it for to build an employee’s engagement levels. (Trainers' Library Member Price £60)

Feedback AID
This SCORM compliand Self Study Guide provides a simple technique that will enable you to give effective feedback to your team, your peers and even your manager. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £60)

Framework for Change
This SCORM compliant Self Study Guide explores what change feels like and identifies a framework for encouraging your team to change. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £60)

How Assertive Am I?
This SCORM compliant Self Study Guide allows you to honestly assess your own levels of assertiveness and identify the areas for development that it will be most beneficial for you to work on. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £60)

Introducing Emotional Intelligence
This SCORM compliant self study guide introduces the five key elements of Emotional Intelligence (EQ); what are your personal strengths and where might you want to develop? (Trainers' Library Member Price: £60)

Featured Items
At a Crossroads - New Managers
At a Crossroads - New Managers is a particularly useful exercise for people who have been promoted from within the team to become the manager and who are struggling to adapt to their new role.
In Stock!
LMS Content Package
This package contains 20 Self Study Modules and 9 Videos, all licensed for use in your Learning Management System. Available as a digital download with the added bonus of a usb stick backup. (Trainers' Library Member Price: £1,750.00.)
Fiddle Pack - 20 Piece
Every trainer knows that training props are great for aiding concentration and generating ideas. The 20 Piece Fiddle Pack is put together with this specifically in mind and comes in a 100% natural unbleached cotton drawstring rucksack.
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Stress Ball
Where would we be without Stress Balls. Great stress relievers and the perfect prop/toy to hand out in your training sessions. Our Stress Balls come in various colours and are dispatched randomly.
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SCORM compliant self study guides to use in your LMS.
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